About Blue Gum Farm TV

Incorporating music, song and storytelling, this is an authenticity (and educational) journey through rural Australia that children love!
A little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun, the Blue Gum Farm TV series teaches children about fresh food production and introduces them to the adventures of the Australian Outback!

Whether you are looking for children’s Sing-A-Long songs to play in the car, kid’s videos to play while travelling or are just looking for some easy kid’s recipes to try at home, you are in the right place.

This show incorporates all of the favourite activities that our little girl loves. The animals, cooking, singing and outdoors with a little comedy, are a perfect combination.”Vanessa


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Cilla’s Story

A fourth generation grazier, Cilla was born and raised in the Queensland outback. Her friend and partner in crime (her pony called Stumpy) could always be found galloping full speed across the paddock in pursuit of some runaway cows, or just in a race with her brothers and sister. Home educated (alongside her three siblings), she was a total bush kid and spent many hours working alongside her family on the property.

At age 19, Cilla left the family property to pursue an education, and later, her career, as a professional singer and actor. An industry which took her away from her rural roots, Cilla realized very quickly that the life she knew in the bush was a world away from the city.

After a successful few years touring and performing in live theatre and television, Cilla couldn’t shake her country girl ways and so returned to her family property. In doing so, Cilla realized that (making the most of her unique set of skills) she was able to share the adventures of farm life with people from the city and around Australia. And so was born – Blue Gum Farm TV!


Peace Of Mind For Parents

“The best part is, children don’t even realize they are learning as they become engrossed in this program!Natasha

These episodes are structured in a way that children, aged 6 months to 6 years, can understand, interact and enjoy. The educational content is blended so seamlessly with the fun adventures that no episode is a chore to watch. Cilla flawlessly promotes a healthy, active lifestyle, and encourages children to get outside and get their hands dirty! Plus, all of the episodes have been given a “G” classification from the Classifications Board Of Australia for your peace of mind.

Erica can’t wait for more episodes. She watches these repeatedly and can sing the theme song word for word. I must admit it’s a catchy tune…. They all are, and often I find them playing in my head!Jo

In order to purchase and own the episodes, there are several options available. First, there are DVDs available. Containing all 24 episodes, with beautiful hard cover artwork, these items make the perfect gift for Birthdays and Christmas. Next, for those with a strong Internet Connection, each episode can be streamed online through the easy-to-use player. This player has been designed for children to use; nice big buttons and repeatable viewing options. Enjoy to these episodes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lastly, you can download each episode to your computer, phone or tablet using the Chapter Download option. Each episode can be securely downloaded and stored on your chosen device, allowing you to play the episode in the car while travelling, or out at a friend’s place, without the need of an internet connection.

The award-winning show, being compared to Jamie Oliver meets The Wiggles, has been a resounding success so far. With events being performed in major cities across Queensland (at this stage), and more episodes being filmed, Blue Gum Farm will become the go-to entertainment, educational hub for your children.