Gardening Tips – 4 Tips For Eco-friendly Gardening


Trust me – use mulch when you are gardening! This helps to maintain the moisture level in your garden beds for longer, meaning you can use less water. I use anything I can for mulch. Newspaper, old boxes, or any type of hay will do the trick.


There are a lot of serious chemicals that can be used in and around the garden. I however, prefer to stay away from them (especially when you have kids in the garden). It means you may get the odd grub in your cabbages but it’s a safer approach. Plus you won’t be killing all the bees and other beneficial inhabitants in your garden. I prefer to use a home remedy or some pyrethrum spray when gardening, which still isn’t good for the bees, but if you use it carefully it will get you out of trouble when the grubs move in.


Again there are countless chemicals you can use to keep your weeds down in the garden but they are very toxic and I avoid them at all costs. Using heavy mulch will keep down any pesky weeds that are taking over your plants. When I’m gardening at the moment, I’m having terrible trouble with nut grass. I put down a thick layer of newspaper then cover it with cane trash hay and it works well.


Organic fertilizer in the form of cow poo or chook poo will do wonders for your garden. When you are gardening, every season your plants suck up the nutrients from the soil. So, it is a good idea to replenish it with some new food. I’m very lucky and can just take the wheel barrow down to the cow yard any time I need some new plant food, but you can buy chook poo (it’s called dynamic lifter) or cow poo at the gardening shop.