Story time – Piglet Fun

Banjo the pig is out and about
He is hoping to find some food
He sniffs the air and wags his tail
He is in such a wonderful mood

Banjo the pig is in a hurry
From the sty and down to the dam
He smells something good so off he goes
Running as fast as he can

Down at the dam he finds some weeds
They are green and juicy to bite
Along come his brothers, they see them too
They are willing to put up a fight

There’s plenty share says Banjo’s sister
As she joins the squabbling pigs
‘The best’ she says ‘is under the ground’
And with that she starts to dig

The bulb of the weed is tasty and sweet
“Yum” says Banjo, he agrees
With tummies all full the piglets retire
For a sleep beneath the trees

And this is a day for Banjo the pig
A snooze and relax in the sun
Tomorrow he’s back to hunt for more weeds
And share all his piglet fun