• CD-Volume-One
  • Cilla and the beautiful horses
  • Cilla and her dogs
  • Cilla in the garden
  • Cilla the pumpkin picker
  • Cilla and chicken
  • Cilla and her pretty horse
  • Cilla and her good dog
  • Cilla and her hungry cows

Sing-A-Long with Cilla – Songs from Blue Gum Farm TV – Vol. 1


Sing-A-Long with Cilla and enjoy all of your favourite songs from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Blue Gum Farm TV series. More than 20 songs available!

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Sing-A-Long with Cilla Vol. 1

Sing-A-Long With Cilla Vol. 1. Enjoy all your favourite songs from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Blue Gum Farm TV series. With 29 Tracks to choose from, your Pre-School aged children will enjoy songs about animals, food, weather and life in the Australian Bush.

Catchy Tunes, Great Characters

Join in and sing as all of the characters and animals of the farm come to life in these fun and quirky songs. Cluck like a chook as you collect fresh eggs from the Happy Hens house. Hear the “Toot Toot” of the tractor horn as you bump along the rough dirt track. Dance to the Kangaroo Beat while you Explore In The Garden. Make Friends with Maddy, Penny and Minty the Fluffy Little Farm Dog. Ride in Bazza as Danny Digger and Rex do important work on the farm. These Kid friendly songs will have you dancing and humming away in no time!

I must admit it’s a catchy tune…. They all are, and often I find them playing in my head! – Jo

Sing-A-Long With Cilla Vol. 1 CD CONTENTS:

  1. Welcome to Blue Gum Farm TV
  2. Jungle Garden
  3. We are Farmers
  4. Sunny Afternoons in the Garden
  5. Sweet Mandi
  6. Rex
  7. Penny’s Song
  8. Bazza
  9. The Veggie Song
  10. Forklift Song
  11. Dig Diggin’ Sweet Potatoes
  12. Dig Diggin’ A New Garden
  13. Exploring In The Garden
  14. Tin Whistle
  15. Little Birdie
  16. Watermelon
  17. If I were a Puppy
  18. Happy Hens
  19. Danny Digger
  20. Herb Garden
  21. Maddy’s House
  22. Hughie
  23. Fluffy Little Farm Dog
  24. The Dairy
  25. Little Black Galoshes
  26. Join Me In The Garden
  27. Baby Animal Song
  28. The Kangaroo Beat
  29. Goodbye from Blue Gum Farm TV