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Blue Gum Farm TV – Chapter 3 DVD


Produced and filmed on a real-life farm in Queensland, this is a fun and interactive children’s TV program that celebrates life in the Australian Outback.

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Chapter 3: A Live Concert Adventure

Watch Chapter 3 and enjoy Blue Gum Farm TV from the comfort of your home! Join Cilla and the team, live in concert, as they hit the roads of Regional Queensland and bring Blue Gum Farm TV to the stage. With new songs, new stories and new characters straight from the farm!

Explore the Weather Wonders of Outback Queensland:

Discover the magic of Outback Queensland and explore its diverse weather patterns. From sunny days to thunderstorms, learn why the weather is such a big deal in the outback. Find out why Country Kids Rock as they experience nature’s wonders!

Meet New Friends in the New Chapter

In “Koalarumba”, Meet Manny the Koala with Cilla’s crew, Georgia and Shelly. In “The Outback Boogie” episode, say hello to Suzie Scientist, Stockman Pete, Firewoman Georgia, and Manny the Koala! These new friends bring a fresh wave of fun and knowledge to the farm. Get ready to embark on exciting journeys with this lively crew.

Explore Native Animals and Jungle Gardens

In Chapter 3, dive into the world of native animals in Australia. Explore where these fascinating creatures live, discover plants in the Jungle Garden, and hop on Bazza the Buggy for a farm tour. Stay connected using the bush telephone and sing a loud Cooee! The adventure doesn’t end there—get ready to dance to the Kangaroo Beat!

Episodes in Chapter 3

  1. Koalarumba – 26:43m
  2. The Outback Boogie – 28:31m

Perfect for Little Farmers – Watch Chapter 3 today!

Featuring beautiful music, stories and songs, this is a fun and educational program that helps children get under the Farmer’s hat and learn about life in the Australian bush. Chapter 3 is all about making new discoveries and having a blast with Blue Gum Farm TV. Perfect for little explorers aged 6 months to 6 years, ensuring a perfect balance of learning and entertainment.