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Download Chapter 2 of Blue Gum Farm TV


Following the award winning first series, the next chapter of Blue Gum Farm TV is a must-see for children everywhere! Enjoy 10 fun filled episodes in this convenient downloadable version. Once the files are downloaded, you can join the adventures of Blue Gum Farm TV with no internet connection required!

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Download Chapter Two: Vibrant, Educational Entertainment

Download Chapter Two of Blue Gum Farm TV from the comfort of your home! Following the award winning first series, the next chapter of Blue Gum Farm TV is a must-see for children everywhere! Come on a journey to Outback Australia and experience rural lift, quirky animals and food straight from the farm.

Tour of Citrus Orchards, Avocado Farms, Packing Sheds, and Veggie Gardens:

Take a tour of amazing places! Visit a citrus orchard, explore an avocado farm, and peek into a packing shed. Learn all about where your favourite fruits come from in these exciting farm visits. Plus, join Cilla as she tends to the garden, showing you how to grow your own veggies and enjoy the goodness of fresh produce.

Whip Up Yummy Treats with Easy Kids Recipes

In Chapter Two, Cilla has some super easy recipes for you to try at home. Get your chef hat on and join the fun as you cook up delicious treats with Cilla’s simple and tasty recipes.

Fun on the Farm Every Day:

While you Download Chapter Two, put on your adventure hat and explore the wonders of the Australian bush! Join Cilla and her friends as they discover the beauty of nature, uncovering hidden treasures and enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, travel back in time and experience “The Olden Days” with Blue Gum Farm TV. Discover how things were done in the past and appreciate the history of farming and life in Australia.

Sing Along and Dance:

Sing hello to Cilla’s cool friends! Meet Sweet Mandi and Minty the Fluffy Little Farm Dog, along with other furry pals on the farm. Each song has a fun dance and unique routines that add extra fun to the adventure.

Episodes in Chapter 2

  1. The Olden Days – 5:29
  2. Fluffy Little Farm Dog – 7:26m
  3. Let’s Dig – 6:51
  4. Rex – 6:35m
  5. The Kangaroo Beat – 6:31
  6. Sweet Mandi – 5:50m
  7. Happy Hens – 6:18
  8. Big Surprise! – 6:25m
  9. Little Black Galoshes – 5:50m
  10. Avocado Orchard – 6:09m

Perfect for Little Farmers – Download Chapter 2 today!

Chapter Two is tailor-made for awesome kids aged 6 months to 6 years. Each episode is short and sweet, between 5-8 minutes long, packed with laughter, learning, and endless fun. Dive into the next chapter of Blue Gum Farm TV and let the adventure continue!