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Following the award winning first series, the next chapter of Blue Gum Farm TV is a must-see for children everywhere! Enjoy 10 fun filled episodes in this convenient downloadable version. Once the files are downloaded, you can join the adventures of Blue Gum Farm TV with no internet connection required!

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Following the award winning first series, the next chapter of Blue Gum Farm TV is a must-see for children everywhere!

Come on a journey to Outback Australia and experience rural life, quirky animals and food straight from the farm. Perched on the veranda of her rustic, outback homestead Cilla introduces the animals of Blue Gum Farm before heading out to collect the ingredients for that day’s recipe. Enjoy the journey as she travels on horseback through the Australian Outback. Watch as Cilla uses machinery, both old and new, as she performs jobs around the Farm. Or collect home-grown vegetables and be informed as Cilla returns to the homestead to create a delicious recipe using the fresh produce.
With vibrant songs, wonderful music and adorable farm animals, this authentic account of Australia’s rural way is irresistible to young children as well as being a genuinely educational experience!

*Featuring easy kids recipes to try at home.
*Meet Molly, the clever working dog.
*Go exploring in the Australian bush.
*Take a tour of a citrus orchard and packing shed.
*Enjoy a sunny afternoon in the vegetable garden.
*Feed the hens, see the milking cows and head out bush with Charlie-Horse.

Episode 1 – The Olden Days
Episode 2 – Fluffy Little Farm Dog
Episode 3 – Let’s Dig
Episode 4 – Rex
Episode 5 – The Kangaroo Beat
Episode 6 – Sweet Mandi
Episode 7 – Happy Hens
Episode 8 – Big Surprise!
Episode 9 – Little Black Galoshes
Episode 10 – Avocado Orchard

This is a live action/realism program for children aged 6 months to 6 years. Each episode is between 5 – 8 minutes in length with a total running time of 64 minutes.

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