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Sing-A-Long with Cilla – Songs from Blue Gum Farm TV – Vol. 2


Sing-A-Long with Cilla and enjoy all of the new songs from Chapter 3 (plus a couple of bonuses!) of the Blue Gum Farm TV series.

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Sing-A-Long With Cilla Vol. 2

Sing-A-Long With Cilla Vol. 2. Enjoy all your favourite songs from Chapter 3 of the Blue Gum Farm TV series. With 13 Tracks to choose from, your Pre-School aged children will enjoy songs about Country Kids and life in the Australian Bush.

Catchy Tunes, Great Characters

Join in the Outback Shuffle and get your Boogie on! Discover where native Australian Animals live. Have fun with the local Country Kids. Enjoy a horse ride through the bush and find your friends with a “Cooee!” These Kid friendly songs will have you dancing and humming away in no time!

I must admit it’s a catchy tune…. They all are, and often I find them playing in my head! – Jo

Sing-A-Long With Cilla Vol. 2 CD CONTENTS:

  1. Welcome to Blue Gum Farm TV
  2. The Outback Boogie
  3. Stockman Pete
  4. Happy Trails
  5. Where Do They Live
  6. Cooee
  7. KoalaRumba
  8. Outback Shuffle
  9. Country Kids
  10. Willie Wagtail
  11. My Dad’s A Timber Cutter
  12. Christmas At The Creek
  13. Goodbye from Blue Gum Farm TV