Super Easy Passion Fruit Butter Recipe

Passion Fruit Butter! This is a Farm favourite and an Australian favourite as well. Fresh Passion Fruit grown in the garden makes this dish extra special as well. Plus, as a bonus, this recipe makes … Read More

Mum’s Sweet Mustard Pickles Recipe

This recipe is a family favourite and delicious for sandwiches or dips featuring Pickles, so I thought I’d share it! You will need: 6-8 Large Cucumbers 1 Capsicum – red 1 Cob of Corn 2 … Read More

In the kitchen – Kale Chips

Discover how to make healthy and delicious Chips using Kale straight from the garden. You will need: 1 Bunch fresh Kale Olive oil Salt and Pepper What to do: Remove the stems from your Kale … Read More

In the Kitchen – Beetroot Dip

Today, Cilla is creating a family favourite – Some Beetroot Dip! Beetroot is a classic food in Australia, often found in Salads and Burgers. Enjoy this Dip with Crackers or Vegetable Sticks. You will need: … Read More

In the Kitchen – Candy Mandis

You will need: 6 Mandarins 3 tablespoons of honey 1 tablespoon olive oil Toppings – for dipping (I used coconut, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and crushed peanuts) What to do: Segment the Mandarins and remove … Read More

Story time – Piglet Fun

Banjo the pig is out and aboutHe is hoping to find some foodHe sniffs the air and wags his tailHe is in such a wonderful mood Banjo the pig is in a hurryFrom the sty … Read More

Story time – Penny’s Chicks

Out in the hay shed at the back of the homestead on Blue Gum farm, there is an old cardboard box. This is no ordinary cardboard box. This box is where Penny decided to make … Read More