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  • Cilla and her saddled up horse
  • Cilla by the dam
  • Cilla and the baby lamb
  • Cilla in the kitchen
  • Chicken eating grass
  • Feeding the cows
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  • Mother Hen and her chick
  • Cilla and the hungry pigs

Download Chapter 1 of Blue Gum Farm TV


Enjoy 10 fun filled episodes in this convenient downloadable version. Once the files are downloaded you can join the adventures of Blue Gum Farm TV with no internet connection required!

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Download Chapter One: Elevate Your Entertainment Experience

Download Chapter One of Blue Gum Farm TV from the comfort of your home! Watch all 10 Fun filled and episodes come on a journey to Outback Australia to experience rural life, quirky animals and food straight from the farm.

Discover Rural Queensland with Blue Gum Farm TV:

Get ready for an amazing farm adventure in rural Queensland with Blue Gum Farm TV! Join Cilla and her furry friends as they show you where our delicious food comes from. From milking cows to gathering eggs and picking juicy oranges, every day on the farm is a big, exciting adventure!

Meet the Awesome Animals:

Sit with Cilla on her cozy porch as she introduces you to the cool animals of Blue Gum Farm. They’re not just ordinary animals—they’re the stars of the show!

Fun on the Farm Every Day:

When you Download Chapter One, watch Cilla hop on her horse and ride to a citrus orchard for the tastiest oranges. Visit a working dairy to see how milk is made, or buzz over to the beehive for some fresh honey. Then, it’s back to the homestead to cook up something yummy with all the farm-fresh goodies!

Sing Along and Learn:

With catchy songs, happy tunes, and cute farm animals, Blue Gum Farm TV is not just fun—it’s also a super cool way to learn about life in the Aussie countryside. Little ones, get ready for smiles, laughter, and a lot of learning!

Episodes in Chapter 1

  1. Penny’s Surprise – 5:25m
  2. We are Farmers – 6:03m
  3. Debbie the Dog – 4:47m
  4. Afternoons in the Garden – 5:07m
  5. A Piglet named Banjo – 5:10m
  6. Visiting the Dairy – 5:49m
  7. Let’s collect the Eggs – 5:48m
  8. Maddy’s House – 5:35m
  9. Picking the Strawberries – 5:20m
  10. In the Citrus Orchard – 5:14m

Perfect for Little Farmers – Download Chapter 1 today!

Blue Gum Farm TV is made just for awesome kids like you, aged 6 months to 6 years. Each episode is short (about 5 minutes!), but together they make up almost a whole hour of fun. Dive into the world of Blue Gum Farm TV and let the adventure begin!

These files are designed for a desktop/laptop computer. They are suitable for devices, however, you must first Download Chapter One files to desktop/laptop and then sync them to your device.